Review: Ciate London Dolls House Collection

As hinted at before, my mother gave me the new-ish limited edition Ciate London Dolls House Collection as part of my Easter basket this year (I'm spoiled!). I couldn't wait to get to use these and then I ended up using them to celebrate my buddy's birthday on May 1st. Before finishing the design though I did snap some photos so that I could review it on here and show the colors in all their glory. So, fair warning, these are not current nail photos. Can I just say I adored the names of these polishes though? They are adorable! The set comes in a little dollhouse box package and contains five polishes called Doll Face, Poppet, Paper Doll, Sweet Pea, and Baby Doll. The collection is pastels (you know how I feel about pastels for Spring!) and the polish finish is sort of like a chalky matte finish that Ciate calls "porcelain." To be honest, the polishes were a bit difficult to work with. I know it's bad to put on thick coats of polish but if you don't use that approach with these polishes you will get really frustrated with how it turns out. If you do thin coats and don't wait until the nails are fully dry you will have balding and pulling of the polish. If you don't particularly care for a chalky matte "porcelain" finish you can always use Seche Vite top coat to gloss it up. I prefer my nails to have a nice gloss to that's what I did and the top coat didn't effect the polish colors or anything. The colors are really vibrant regardless.

As for the actual colors, the set comes with an adorably sweet mint green called Sweet Pea (on my thumb), a chalky white called Paper Doll (index finger), a baby/salmon pink called Baby Doll (middle finger), a luxurious lavender named Poppet (ring finger), and taupe/nude called Doll Face (pinky finger). How adorable are those names? I made me laugh because when I read the names it reminded me of my boyfriend (I call him or he calls me a bunch of these names). I guess I will have to use one of these for our anniversary in a year!
 So all in all the collection is cute. The formula can be hard to work with and the set is a tad expensive so I'm not sure I would be buying multiples was nice :)


  1. all pastel colors! so cute! they look good together and i find the white one amazing on your nails! i've always wanted and never had a ciaté lacquer, are they worth their pricey price? i was waiting for this since you posted the haul! i would have expected some more unusual crazy colors though, like flakies or somethig..

  2. Thank you so much! I was thinking about rocking all white nails but I haven't decided to do it yet. When I do I will definitely use this costs paper doll polish. I think ciate as a brand is alright. So far I have only the minis for this dolls house collection and then the advent calendar collection from a few years ago. If I were you I would treat myself to one for a birthday, holiday, or milestone and then decide if I wanted more. The dolls face collection has an abnormal formula. I would stick with a regular one from ciate (unless you absolutely love one these...then go for it!). If you don't like it you could always swap with a fellow polish lover. :)

  3. These look interesting! I normally get the Ciate Advent Calendar at Christmas and have really liked the brand. :-)


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