Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Review: Born Pretty Store Fimo Fruit Decals

Today's post is a review of the third product sent to me by the Born Pretty Store: the 120 piece "Lovely Fruit 3D Nail Art Fimo Decals Manicure w/box." I've never used Fimo before and I have never had 3D decals like this so I was super excited to select these for review and see how they worked in general and on my nails. If you want to see my first Born Pretty Store product review you can check it here. The Born Pretty Store sells all kinds of stuff, including nail art and other goodies. These Fimo fruit decals retail for $1.79 per package and are item number 4999. Each package of decals comes in a small nail wheel that keeps all the different decals separated even when the wheel is flipped over. Each nail wheel comes with ten pieces of the following twelve fruit decals:
How adorable!? The decals themselves seem to vary in thickness (at least in my set) but most of mine were thin enough that they didn't look awkwardly chunky on my nail. The thicker ones definitely seemed harder to work with. A few of the pieces were curvy so they fit snuggly on my nails without me having to push them too hard into the polish. Of course, I sealed the decals with an extra coat of top coat in order to make them nice and secure. I love these little decals but I honestly have no idea how to use them in designs. Here are two designs I came up with:
 The first is a water marble of OPI Flit A Bit and Orly White Out with the Born Pretty fimo orange slices. 
The second design is a watermelon nail base (Zoya Quinn, Love&Beauty (Forever21) Jade, and Kiss BrushOn Nail Art in White and Black) with the Born Pretty fimo watermelon slices.
If you're careful when removing the fruit decal from your nails you can use it again and again. All you have to do is clean it off with some nail polish remover and you're good to go. The decals are a good deal though so I would just purchase a new set.


  1. Too cute Nikki :-) Hehe I'd just want to eat my nails hehe ;-)

  2. the lined fruits are so cute and your nails look stunning in the watermelon design!

  3. This is so cute! Especially the orange slices!


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