Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm seeing spots!

Cow spots that is...just call my nails ol' Elsie. I wanted to use a color that popped (rather than black and white) so I chose China Glaze Solar Power (I also wanted to compare this yellow to the Sinful Colors Pull Over yellow that I just featured). The spots are stamped (BundleMonster plates) in Orly Viridian  Vinyl...which did not come out as blue as the actual color is. I apologize for being a bit behind right now with blog posting, blog reading, emailing, and just general blogging! It's been a crazy two-ish weeks over here and as we approach the end of the semester it's going to get a bit worse. You can be sure my nails remain polished though (even if I can't craft a post to feature them on this here blog)! I need some serious devoted-to-blogging time this week!

1 comment:

  1. i love this one and the fun and brightness and color you've wanted to bring to it, but i think you would have made better cow prints by hand, this looks great but doesn't really reming me of a cow..the designs look a grey-ish yellow to me from here, but i love it this way i think the combo is perfect. don't worry if you are busy, i'll wait for your mail and our collabs in better times when you'll be more free and relaxed, for the moment: well done with sticking to your tasks and good luck for everything you are dealing with and your exams ect. mua!


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