Trip to NYC and Vintage Cabs

Today's post is inspired by my trip to NYC this past Wednesday with my sister to celebrate her birthday! We had such a great time doing some shopping, walking through Central Park, visiting a restaurant we haven't been to in years (do any of my NYC visitors know about the Cowgirl Hall of Fame??), and spoiling ourselves with some sweet treats from Financier and Cupcakes by Melissa. While we were there of course we saw some cabs so it got me thinking about a vintage cab inspired nail design! I looked online for a photo and found the one to the right (you'll go to the source if you click the cab photo). Also, with Halloween coming up the design reminded me of a costume that I look at literally every single year because it's so adorable. If I had actual plans for this Halloween I'd totally by it but my plans only consist of eating my weight in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and watching Hocus Pocus (remember my Hocus Pocus nails from last year?) Anyway, for these nails I did a yellow and black checker instead of white and black because I wanted the color and I got to use my BundleMonster plates to get the pattern. Gorgeous!


Thank you for reading! Leave a comment below or email me at nikkisnailfiles[at]gmail[dot]com to let me know your thoughts and ideas. Feel free to leave links to your posts so I can check them out. Have a perfectly polished day!

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