Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Toetally Tuesday #16 - Walking on a cloud

...or walking on feet with clouds painted on the toes is more like it! Here are my Toetally Tuesday tootsies: a cloudy day. I'm really in the mood for some nice weather so I can go outside with friends and not freeze. Looking out my window it looks absolutely gorgeous outside yet when I go to step outside it's obvious I still need a coat. As my roommate said "It's deceptively nice looking out today." Grrr, where is warm spring already??
And also, I have a couple things to add. I'm being a total giveaway whore and I think I just entered like three. But hey, who doesn't love the chance to score some free stuff?! Also, I get to share some other nail blogs out there with my readers who may/may not know of them already. Exposure? Yes, please!

Ok, so the following giveaways are open and are begging for you to enter!

First up: An Emily's Nail Files (LOOOOVE the name by the way!) giveaway with LemonyEmily:
Her blog is awesome and her giveaway is celebrating her hitting the 100 follower mark. The giveaway is open until April 31st so make sure you enter it! You can find out more about the giveaway and prizes by clicking here.

Also, GildedNails is having a giveaway:
She is celebrating hitting the 500 follower mark! Wow!! The giveaway is open until March 31st so huury! More info about the goodies can be found here!

Next is an insane giveaway over at Nail Addicts Anonymous!
This giveaway is open until April 8th and more information about all the goodies can be found here!


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