Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I want a star!

I'm talking about a star on the walk of fame! Dream big right? I've never been to see the walk of fame but since my sister is always wanting to pack up and go on vacation perhaps a post-grad 2012 trip to California is in our future. It would have to be a long trip since I want to go to Los Ang and see my family in Northern California. Which speaking of, one of my two little Cali cousins turned 2 not too long ago! She looked so adorable in the pictures of the festivities and I wish I got to meet her already! I met the older brother (who is probably 6?? now) but she came along after my visit so I haven't been lucky enough to meet her yet. Which reminds me, I really have to email my Aunt. I swear we are the worst best emailers in the world. Well, at least she has an excuse: she's really busy. I'm just easily distracted and forgetful. Well, if you're reading this, "Hey Aunt Les! I'll talk to you soon!" Anyway, enough of my California dreamin' and onto the nails! Hmm, maybe law school in California could be a possibility??
One of the blogs I follow just vacationed in LA and I saw a picture of her with Elvis' star (hence it reminded me that was something I wanted to do--although, not with Elvis. No offense Elvis but I think I'll stand with another celeb's star for my picture). I used Zoya Ki for the base (which is one of the oddest colors I think I've ever seen, my camera phone doesn't do it justice) and Sally Hansen Green With Envy for the stars stamped with BundleMonster plate 20.

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  1. I almost missed this post!! I was catching up on an old batch of posts in my reader that I had fallen behind on and just found this one. What an awesome surprise to come across it!

    Yes, I agree we are the worst best emailers...and indeed it is your turn, but I won't complain after my long delays.

    I cannot wait to have you come out here again. I'm so happy to hear it might be part of some near-ish future plans.


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