Toetally Tuesday #12 (and 13 and 14 too) - Welcome back... myself! Hello all my fabulous readers/blog perusers. I am finally back with many apologies for my total lack of postage. I wish I had a better excuse like a trip to an island or a trance through Europe but no, I was merely on Spring Break and exercising my right for some unwaivering laziness. But, alas, after a week or so, I have resurfaced with Toetally Tuesday (+2 because that's what I owe all of you) and a bunch of new designs and swatches too. So, I'm glad to be back and so excited that I'm actually posting at MIDNIGHT for this Toetally Tuesday. Oh yes! Now, let's get to the good stuff!

Alright, this is the legit Toetally Tuesday of today: Linear Dotted Love
For these toes I used Jordana Boy Oh Boy for the base, China Glaze Frostbite for the blue dots, and China Glaze Recycle for the smaller in-between dots that you can really  notice in the up close and persoNAIL (haha, sorry I had to) picture. 

Next Toetally Tuesday, from this past Tuesday the 8th: Taste the rainbow? Skittle toes!
Alright, I know, not that exciting but I just loved the colors and spring is coming so I thought it was great. I used China Glaze Kiwi Cool-ada, China Glaze Pool Party, China Glaze Towel Boy Toy (upcoming swatch alert!), and China Glaze Orange Knockout.

And last but definitely not least, Toetally Tuesday from the 1st of March: Feelin' dottie?
I used Orly White Out, China Glaze Pool Party, and China Glaze Frostbite for these toes. 

So everyone, are you looking forward to spring as much as I am? That spring ahead where I lost an hour certainly threw me off but...if it means warm weather is on its way, I'm happy to lose my hour. 

Take care everyone!


  1. Aw I love the blue pedi, that would look amazing in the summer in nice sandles xx

  2. Aw thanks! I think it's one of my favorite pedicures. Too bad I couldn't spend spring break strolling around on a beach somewhere showing them off! :)


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