Inspired by Emma Pillsbury

Today's nails are inspired by none other than Emma Pillsbury, the germ hatin', purity lovin', crazy clothes wearin' character with big eyes and a tiny waist from Fox's hit TV show Glee. Does anyone out there watch Glee? My sister loooves it and I'm so excited I can't wait for her to see these nails. I'm sure she'll have tons of ideas of other Glee inspired nails for me to do and I can't wait to tackle them. So here's the scene from Glee. I think it's the 14th episode of the second season (current season).
"We give away the locket but not the key. That way no one can 
open the lock forever and, ladies, that's what keeps us safe" 

Way to go, Emma Pillsbury, right on. 

And here are my nails:
We've got the "chastity charm" (aka locket) made from Kiss Brush-On Nail Art Paint in Silver on a background of Orly Liquid Vinyl. Then for the other nails I painted a background of China Glaze Second-hand Silk, followed by BM16 in Orly White Out and BM11 in Zoya Quinn (how fitting?! There's a Glee character named Quinn!). These two stamps gave the pattern of her dress. On the ring finger I added a bit of EP's sweater (again in China Glaze Second-hand Silk) and then the clasp thing in Color Club Art Club Gold Glitter and Kiss Brush-on Nail Art Paint White.
So, what do you guys all think?


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