Hooray! Happy Back to School!

By this point in September, I think all students have returned to the hallowed halls of learning. I've been back for three weeks, my brother has been back for two weeks, and my mom (4th grade teacher) just started classes today. Last time I was home she asked me to help her set up her room and decorate her boards. She had this adorable Scrabble Welcome To Our Class Mini Bulletin Board Set but she thought it lacked that "wow" factor that really spices up the back-to-school boards and makes all the other teachers jealous. Enter little old me, creativity-lover, scrabble-boss, and crafty idea-maker. I agreed the Scrabble set wasn't enough so we quickly hatched a plan for *drumroll please* a STUDENT NAME SCRABBLE WALL-BOARD! Oh yes. My mom has 31 students in her homeroom this year (wow!) and so I graphed how all her students' names could fit together a la scrabble. We created 147 individual tiles, stenciled each letter and a point value onto them, and made it awesome:
Sorry for the angle! It was so large my phone couldn't capture the entire thing! 

As with anything, I felt a manicure was in order! Some scrabble tile nails:
I sooo hope a teacher sees this post and will use the idea for their own boards at some point!

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