Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review: Born Pretty Store Three Piece Brush Set

Today's post is the second review in my Born Pretty Store series. For today it's not as exciting as the adorable rhinestones I reviewed yesterday but it's still a great product that I think everyone who enjoys painting nails should have. Personally, I'm surprised it took me this long to find a set of nail art brushes but I'm glad I gave these a try. These are the the Born Pretty Store's White Handled Brush Set. It's a set of three brushes with varying tip length. The longest brush is 145 mm, the second is 10 mm, and the third is 5 mm. You can obviously reuse these (you just have to clean them carefully after each use to keep them nice!). The store retails them at $3.19 and the ID number for these is #12307. I tested all three of them and the brush gives really nice lines. I have to practice with using the actual brushes to make designs that look nice but the design I created with this is:
 If you want to see my first Born Pretty Store product review you can check it here. If you don't know of the Born Pretty Store, it sells all kinds of stuff including nail art and other goodies. If you guys are in the shopping mood and see anything you like on the store's website, please use my coupon code: BWB10. If the code gets used ten times the Born Pretty Store will host a giveaway! 


  1. Love the nail art that you created with these brushes ;)
    Thanks for sharing this post with us!

    Xx julia


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