Monday, March 24, 2014

Inspired By: The Voice

Today's post is inspired by a piece of clothing seen on an episode of The Voice, a show where the judges select singers blindly and then have the singers perform with each other in knockout battles until a winner is crowned "the voice" at the end of the season. I love watching this show because the judges are hysterical. Between Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher, and Blake Shelton there are so many quirks and quips that come out during each episode and don't be surprised if you pee yourself from laughing (especially during the blind auditions). Anyway, the sweater(?) long-sleeved shirt worn by Adam Levine in this episode instantly spoke to me (saying "make this a nail design girl") and I got painting while I finished the episode. Not sure how I like the mix as a shirt but...looks good on my nails!
And even if you're not into singing shows like this....who can resist an attractive man on their TV? I mean, just check out Adam...the man can blue steel with the best of them...
Although to be honest if he were to look at me like that I'd probably be a little scared.


  1. I adore this mani of yours, simple yet very impressive, awesome colors choice and matching. I like the fact that you took a pic with the tv screen, but I'd like to see more pics and close ups of this look. it has a vintage flow to me. Adam's cool, maybe a bit too skinny and full of that last pic he really looks like a 007 evil character, and i've always thought someone should script him for a Bond-like part.
    I've messaged you on twitter, we could discuss our movie collab there, I'm all ready, let's host each other's mani/post! I haven't seen the movies u mentioned but we can totally do an Ed Norton one. Let me know!

  2. I love him!:)
    And I love your mani - great colors:)

  3. Oh I like the stripy nails! Looking good :-)


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