Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy 24th Birthday sweets!

Today was my one and only's birthday!!Yep, Andrew turned 24 today so I decided to do a nail design. I quickly realized I had NO IDEA what sort of design to do (last year's design was so much better). I went with just something girly because I really wanted pink nails and well...I'm a girl. We had to celebrate his birthday last weekend because we live about an hour apart (stupid school, stupid work!)(can't wait to change that after I graduate) and I couldn't see him today. We decided to have a dinner and movie weekend (so so so much food it wasn't even funny) and it was nice to spend time with him. I hope he had a great day but I hate that he had to spend it alone :( No one should be a lone on their birthday you know? Here are the nails:
Girly right? I should have made the pink hearts like balloons. I used Zoya Dawn and Orly White Out for the design and, although I like the design, I should have used it for Valentine's Day instead of my love's birthday.


  1. awww this is a lovely super sweet idea! happy birthday to him and thousends of these days to you guys to spend together! i really like this pink shade and it matches perfectly with white. also i adore the lines dividing the tip part from the nail on a one color painted nail. i think this deisgn is very romantic and sweet and captures the moment and the meaning perfectly.

  2. Very cute and girlie! Did he like your little mani dedication to him?

  3. Thanks ladies! I don't know if he even saw it. I took the photo with my tablet and couldn't text it to him :( Womp womp womp


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