Can't say I like the idea of a sponge bath...

But I can say I love the look of sponging my nails! I had painted my nails completely white to swatch my new Zoya Snow White (which I forgot to take pictures of so now I'll have to repaint my nails plain white YET AGAIN, haha) but I didn't want to leave it that plain. Then I was going to do a gradient mani but I only wanted to use two polishes in the manicure. Voila, an all over spongey manicure for today!  I love when my camera uses the flash to take the pictures because I just think the pictures look so much sharper against the completely black background.
 I used Zoya Snow White and Zoya Mira for this look. 
It's a super simple but really eye-catching design. Love it! 


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