Welcome to My Second Car

As you know, I recently replaced My First Car (Sylvia) with My Second Car. So this post is all about my new whip! Who doesn't love a good new car, eh? Please welcome to the blog my new car! have officially joined the Honda CRV club.
She's a 2016 Honda CRV in modern steel metallic, which I honestly want as a nail polish ASAP because it's so pretty.  She is much taller than my old car so driving her is super interesting...BUT she has a lot of really cool features! For example, I have joined the realms of hand-less phone capabilities. She also has the ever popular multi-angle dynamic back up camera (which I didn't think I would like but seriously.....this feature is amazing!). She also has a "right mirror camera" which eliminates every blindspot when you need to make a right turn or lane change.

She had all of 4 miles when I drove her off the lot!
And here is a photo of my babies side by side. The short, sleek, old Sylvia, and the new, large, and in charge...uh, I don't have a name for her yet!
Any suggestions for a name??


  1. Oooh, nice! I have a CR-V myself, and I love it! Mine is an older model, but it's been good to me. :D

    1. So far it's been great! I'm getting used to the size and it gets so much better gas mileage than my old car!


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