Friday, June 3, 2016

Celebrating Ham's 19th Birthday

My brother was vacationing with a buddy and family in Florida over his birthday this year so my family all waited to celebrate until he was back in the area. He turned the big 1-9 this year and I can't believe he's almost no longer a teenager. Actually, I can't believe he's a teenager to begin with! For his birthday this year I gave him a couple gifts, including a pair of custom designed (he designed them) Vans sneakers and some beef jerky...since it is his favorite snack. I didn't get to paint a Happy Birthday manicure but I was able to snap this sneaky photo of some birthday festivities!
Also while we were there we decided to take this super corny photo celebrating his recent acceptance into Villanova:
How funny is that dog? He was walking around in front of us and then on this photo he just stopped in his tracks and stared at the camera. Shortly after the photo was taken we all cracked up.

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