Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Swatch: China Glaze Solar Power

I wanted to do a swatch of China Glaze Solar Power today because I am on "spring break" from law school and the polish is so colorful and spring-like that despite the fresh coat of snow on the ground it helps me believe that spring is indeed on its way (slowly). Yellow is a tough color for me to love because sometimes I absolutely love yellow nails and then other times I'll see yellow nails and just be like ew gross. I guess it's all about finding the right yellow? Does anyone else have that happen to them with certain colors?

Anyway, China Glaze Solar Power is not a new polish. In fact, it's all the way from 2008 and the Ecollection that featured Hybrid (swatched here), Shower Together, Recycle, Unplugged, and Tree Hugger. Yes, I do own all of them because apparently I really really really liked each of the polishes China Glaze came up with for this collection. I've given the polish the following ratings based on application, how true-to-bottle the color is, cost, dry time (including hardening time), and Konadability. Konadability wasn't tested on this one though so ignore my rating on that aspect! 
Onto Solar Power pictures:

 Do you rock yellow nails or are they just too out there for you?


  1. first off, i really like the true to color rating aspect idea, and the hardening time one too. i have never liked the color yellow, i never wear it, i don't like it on clothes, i don't like it on purses, i don't like it on eyeshadows ect. but just for this reason i didn't basically have yellow in my stash and i've forced myself to buy Layla Ceramic Effect in a pastel yellow shade, so that I would at least have loved the finish type, and in the end I found myself Loving it! so yeah, kind of on the same page here. This one is not really my kind of thing, but I do belive it looks great on you, both aesthetically and personality complimenting.
    Please I need your help, would you head to my last post and give me some tips? I'd really love to hear your opinion on that, and I have decided to do as you are doing for your nail look for your sis'marriage, about my "red carpet" moment look.. :) Hugs

  2. Some yellows are nice and some aren't. I quite like neon and bright yellows. This one looks okay :-)


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