Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to mommas everywhere....especially mine!!! I hope you all got treated to a Mother's Day Manicure or at least some form of pampering and that you took it easy today, spending time with family and enjoying a nice Sunday. I was thinking about my mom today since I couldn't see her (I have my last final tomorrow for Property and needed to stay here to study and prepare) and if  you're wondering where my polish habit comes from it's a funny story. My mom used to keep a large basket of nail polish in her master bathroom and I used to steal some and polish my nails....so that's where it comes from! Thanks Mom for always kick-starting and fueling my hobbies!! I hope you had a great day with "a puud and a pud" (the other "puud" spent today cramming her head full of property law and thinking about you!

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