Swatch: Sally Hansen Cherry Red

Next to blue polishes, red is my favorite color of polish to wear. I think there's just something about red nail polish on a woman that screams self-confidence, sexiness, and beauty. I love any and every shade of red and if someone handed me cherry red, fire engine red, burgundy, oxblood, etc,  I will wear every single one of them with a smile. Maybe it's because I like the red with my skin tone? Maybe I just like red (two of my formal gowns in high school were red). Maybe I'm just weird. I LOVE red nails though. They're so eye-catching. The particular red I'm wearing now is Sally Handsen Cherry Red. There is something about the Sally Hansen brand that I just like. They have a good formula, a wide variety of colors, and their polishes dry quickly. I also think they're Xtreme wear line bottles are cute. I'm a fan!

Also, I've posted my SECOND video on my YouTube channel: NikkisNailFiles! It's a slideshow of ALL my designs here on this blog starting from my very first polka dot tropical to my Toetally Tuesday post from yesterday. Go check it out!


  1. You are not weird (or maybe you are, it's not a bad thing ;) I'm weird too lol) because I LOVE red nail polish too! Especially red polishes with the word "cherry" in the name! Hehe!! :)

  2. Thank you! And I definitely can understand your love of red and "cherry" Cherry Bomb!


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