Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Table Day

Who doesn't love getting free stuff?? I loooove scoring free goodies and at "Table Day" today I got a ton of free swagg. Seriously though, two HUGE books that have guides for creating course outlines, practice problems, and other great resources, a pair of flip-flops, rules of evidence book, a to-go beverage container, lanyard, study materials, flashdrive, business card holder, post-its, resusable bag, and a drawstring bag...fantastic! Table Day is this day in the beginning of the fall semester where all the clubs and organizations at the law school come out and have tables where you can meet club members, sign up, talk to other students, and generally get involved in campus. I signed up for the Women's Law Caucus, Health Law Society, Food and Drug Law Society, Military Law, and Mock Trial just to see what I found interesting.

Also, dinner for tonight (which will also be lunch for tomorrow)

Monday, August 13, 2012

OOTD: First Day of Law School!

Oh gosh, the first day of law school is already here! This week is just orientation and an Intro to Law series of classes and then my REAL first day with my REAL classes starts next Monday. Either way, as Elle Woods says, "This is my first day as a serious law student." :) Haha, ok, maybe I don't look so serious. I hope everyone is nice and I really like it! This is my OOTD: Law school edition and I think it's super cute--if I do say so myself!

The outfit is kind of simple.
White fitted shirt - Target
Black 3-quarter sleeve sweater - Target
Denim jean skirt - American Eagle
Zebra flip flops - Kohls

legally blonde college GIF
I totally look the part.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday NikkisNailFiles

Two years ago I listened to an idea that my older sister had and created this blog to keep track of my nail designs. I'm so pleased to be still updating it now, two years into it. I know I don't post as frequently as I did when I first started but I'm really trying to keep bringing new designs and new things to this blog. If any reader has feedback, suggestions, or post ideas I would love to hear them!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Vacay

I am psyched to be at the beach with my Dad, brother and sister this week. It's so nice to stick my feet in the sand and relax to the sounds of crashing waves. Maybe now I'll get color on my ridiculously white skin. 
Another thing I always look forward to about beach vacations is the mini golf. Isn't it everyone's tradition to mini golf after spending the day on the beach? I think we may have exhausted every course in OCMD but I still can't seem to get under par on every hole.
My little brother may have gotten a bit bored with us because we prefer just lounging on the beach while we soak up the rays and people watch. M just likes to hit the waves! At one point he started trying to bribe S and I to go in the water with him. Of course, that might be because he had covered his legs in sand...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Do I want this???

I've been looking for furniture for my apartment (which I move into next week) and I decided I wanted a TV stand that wasn't JUST a TV stand. This is something I found at a local thrift store that just opened and I have to say...I wantttt it. The only problem is...can I paint it? Because I really dislike the color! It's like baby poop/avocado green BUT I think the vintage suitcase doors and the fact that it doubles as a bookshelf is totally cool! The vintage suitcases are cabinet doors and inside are two shelves. Ughhh do I want it???
My heart was breaking for Jordyn Weiber though. She is so strong and has been determined for so long, it seriously makes me sad to see her olympic dream of competing AA for team USA disappear. She's such an amazing gymnast and it's unfortunate it came down to one off day when she spent the whole competition season fighting to remain the best. I can't even imagine how she must have felt having to stand behind the two girls who did make it.
Honestly, who made the 2 per country rule anyway? The top 24 are the best in the world and should be treated as such no matter what country they represent. To the 2 gymnasts per country rule I go...