Swatch: Sassy Satchel

This semester has been absolute chaos so far. Between the independent (and required) research for my B.A. in Psych degree (one of two I have to complete), law school applications, and all my other classes AND trying to find time to eat, I am totally wiped out and it's only October. Ugh! Luckily, my applications are on their way to a close and I will be applying November 15th to all my law schools. I am so proud. As for classes, I guess I have to stick them out until December. I know you are all concerned but yes, I have been keeping my digits done throughout all this. I just haven't had a spare moment to actually sit down, take pictures, upload them on my computer, and create a witty post for all of you :( Hopefully I am back, at least a little bit, to posting. I've missed it. I haven't even had time to read my favorite nailblogs!! Ugh! Ok, well for today we're going to start off simple: Essie Sassy Satchel.

Sassy Satchel is a gorgeous (and very stubborn) color to capture. The website says it's a "shimmery dark chocolate" but I definitely think it's more burgundy. Application was average (I put 2-3 coats on usually). The color MIGHT be similar to something I already have but we'll see when I use that polish. Drying/Hardening was a tad slow but I did put 3 thick coats on. Seche Vite helped quicken it right up. Wear was also average. Overall, this polish gets an 8.3.

To the swatch pics!

Does anybody own this color? How do you like it?

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  1. aww hang in there girl! i missed your posts! im sure all the stress & time studying will pay off :) i dont have this color exactly but i know i have similar ones.. i'll pass. hahaha



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