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Here we go, after swatching a couple polishes today (now located in either the previous post or the "Swatches" tab above for your enjoyment), I have created my Thanksgiving appropriate nails! ALSO, since I didn't want to just paint my nails and then take the polish off I decided to make them fit for the fall season as well. Feast your eyes (lol feast, how appropriate when talking about Thanksgiving!) on these Turkey and Leaves nails :D
There we go, we have fall leaves (which I do believe was a request from my sister not too long ago now that I think about it) and a Thanksgiving turkey. I used China Glaze Solar Power, OPI Flit A Bit, and China Glaze Foxy for the background (Yay! I finally learned how to sponge gradients...kind of. ;) ) Then I used Color Club Art Club in Black and BundleMonster plates 10 and 19 for the two stamped designs. For the turkey I used China Glaze Solar Power as a base, OPI Holiday Glow for the turkey body, Color Club Art Club in yellow/red/orange for the feathers and white and black for the eyes. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

Also, oh my gosh, I was perusing nail art blogs  and I came across one that contained something absolutely fantastic. In a page entitled "Symptoms" on the blog Polish Hoarder Disorder the blogger lists all the symptoms of said disorder. Of course, with me being me and all, it piqued my interest. This is the symptom that made me crack up...because it was so true:
"You have a hard time deciding on a color for your manicure because there 
are too many choices. In the meantime, you paint each fingernail a different color 
and wait until one "speaks to you" 
If you're interested the complete list can be seen here. Anyway, after reading that I started laughing so hard because I DO THAT. Seriously. All the time. So here's to you, Polish Hoarder Disorder, I'm self diagnosing that I am seriously afflicted.

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